Casa de Artistas

Residency programme

El Arreciado offers artists and creative thinkers the opportunity to conduct a residency in a unique and inspirational setting, at a slow pace of life. Available from 4 days up to one month, El Arreciado provides space and time for contemplation immersed in nature.

Individuals or small groups can apply to stay at the Casa de Artistas for a self-funded residencies, to develop their practice or a specific body of work.

For more information, please write to us.

Adriana Veyrat (Spain)


2016 & 2017 - photos

Aaron Mcpeake &

Alex Marshall (UK)


2016 & 2017 - audio-visual piece

Sheep Bell Chamber Orchestra. 


This project was set out as a way to make the heard at El Arreciado ring as a novel orchestra. Bells made from bronze, steel and copper were made in advance in London and Mandalay (Burma) and during the residency the artist  finished and installed the bells. The documentary film by Aaron McPeake and Alex Marshall was shot and recorded during the residency and in September 2016 during the bells concert by Llorenç Barber, Monserrat Palacios. The sounds of the concert were used to supplement the recordings of the sheep bells however, the work was designed to reflect the landscape of El Arreciado. The film had its first screening at El Arreciado in September 2017.


During the 2016 residency Aaron also made a land sculpture using rocks and wool to form a large profile of a bell in one of the meadows.

Listen @ 

Sheep, audiovisual art, artist residency

Antonio Oleaga (Spain)



Project name: Casamiento de Encinas (Oak Nuptials)

The idea stems from the passages dedicated to weddings, in James George Frazer's  The Golden Bough,


(La idea está sacada de The Golden Bough en la parte que James George Frazer dedica a casamientos en la naturaleza.)

Antonio Oleaga

Susan & Gareth Williams (UK)



I make installation exploring the intrinsic characteristics of everyday materials. My aim is to make what  is already there more visible, at times capturing what we don’t normally see, light, shadow, flatness, the potency of a colour. Illusions such as floating and evanescence reoccur in my work making links to magic and spirituality in its broadest sense. I am inspired by ordinary life and a need to give meaning to our lives. 

At the beginning I usually play with materials/ideas/themes and make several small quick experiments simultaneously….

Susan Williams

Karl Chilcott

Christine Chilcott (Sweden)


"I am on my way to the end of the world
where art and nature can be one. On this way I am celebrating nature with my art works. That is what I have done and want to do." K.C.

Karl Chilcott

Christine Chilcott