The farm

El Arreciado is a sheep rearing farm, with a herd of approximately 350 sheep, including one black sheep. Talaverana is a cross-breed of Merino and Manchego and is traditionally bred free-range, especially in cork-oak dehesas such as El Arreciado. It owes its name to the Toledo district of Talavera de la Reina, once the main market centre, where the Talaverana was sought after especially for its wool. At El Arreciado, the breed has gone a step further and has become a muse for the contemporary arts! Mona Lisa, eat your heart out!

Burro is a small donkey traditionally used for heavy work and often beaten harshly. In recent years it is thought to be in danger of extinction. El Arreciado's objective is to provide this downtrodden animal a life of luxury, friends, pasture, and space to roam freely WITHOUT working! Early morning braying provides the perfect music for el Arreciado dwellers.