Iraida Cano 

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Born in Madrid, Iraida currently lives and works between this city and the property of El Arreciado in Toledo province. Her work passes from drawing to painting and from painting to sculpting, where nature plays a fundamental part not only in her work, but her life in general.

Her sculptures are mostly placed in open natural spaces, respecting their surroundings. Often site specific, her works vary from large installations created with natural materials (rocks, straw bales, wood…) and iron sculptures inspired in the natural landscape which surrounds her creating land art. 

Holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Arts from the San Fernando Faculty, Madrid and is a painting graduate from St. Martin´s school in London. 

Her works have appeared in museums and art galleries in different cities of Spain, Italy, England, Guatemala, Germany and Austria, either as solo expositions or as part of group exhibitions and installations.

She has worked in environmental regeneration projects incorporating plastic criteria into degraded spaces.


Since 1995 she paints on ceramic material decorating traditional Talaveran pieces as well as large mural commissions.