International Wool Symposium

2014 - 3rd edition

6 - 11 May


Participating artists

Abdul Jabar Gull (Pakistan)

Adriana Torres Topaga (Colombia)

Bob Budd (Reino Unido)

Mónica Gabriel y Galán (España) 

Natayana - Ana Pérez-Pereda (España), Natalia Auffray (España/Francia)

Osvaldo Giuliani (Argentina)

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Abdul Jabar Ghul (Pakistan)

Gola Ganda


The most important thing in the time we are living is to tolerate differences and respect difference of opinion whether it is on an individual level or a collective.


We are human and our emotions are same as we all react similar on moments of happiness or grief no matter which country, race or nation we belong. We must try to let prevail this universal brotherhood with love and respect of each other to make this place worth living.

Abdul with Iraida
Abdul Jabar Gull
Abdul Jabar Gull
Abdul Jabar Gull
Abdul Jabar Gull
Abdul Jabar Gull

Adriana Torres Topaga (Colombia)

lana sube lana baja - (installation-performance)

"lana sube lana baja" is a riddle, learned and repeated during childhood by many Spanish speakers. It alludes not only to the response resulting from the phonetic union "lanabaja", meaning razor (sharp object), but also to the cyclical and repetitive processes, given by the movement or transformation of the wool, determined by its growing and cutting, bound to the life of its carriers (the sheep) and their interaction with humans.

"lana sube lana baja" is a reflection on the relationship of power and its use between the actors of the above-mentioned processes and artistic production as their mediator. Woman's body, wool and human action are at the centre of this reflection.

Adriana Torres IIIWS (4)
OTRAS-III Simposio de la Lana May 2014-2 (10)
Adriana Torres IIIWS (2)
Adriana Torres IIIWS (3)
Adriana Torres IIIWS
OTRAS-III Simposio de la Lana May 2014-2 (16)

Bob Budd (Inglaterra)

Working title: `Strange Giants"

Working title: Mauro exclaims “What sheep? I don’t see any sheep!”


Working title: Strange Giants.

The idea here is to work on the two silos or grain tanks. I like these industrial structures, their geometry and shiny materials... they also have animal qualities: a big body, a little head, a tail, and 4 legs. So the idea is to clad various parts of the silos to reinforce and exaggerate the animal qualities of these structures. In a way, this reminds me a little of Don Quixote who  thought the windmills were giants, who he had to fight...

Mauro wears glasses... if your spectacles are made of sheep, you can’t see the sheep. Poor Mauro! Perhaps this is also a play on the expression `to see things through rose tinted glasses’, or sheep tinted glasses. It is important where the spectacles are installed and `what they look at’, what people see through them, and whether people can work through them. 

Bob Budd

Bob Budd
Bob Budd
Bob Budd
Bob Budd
Bob Budd

Mónica Gabriel y Galán (Spain)

La lana se escapa del redil  (The wool escapes from the fold)

José Ortega y Gasset said that life is nothing but movement and, this proposal entitled The wool escapes from the fold is an invitation to move:

Let's suppose that the freshly sheared wool takes on a life of its own, do you want to see how it gets on with its new state, and how it escapes from the fold to take a walk through the finca El Arreciado.

For three days and/or three nights this unruly wool will be roaming the roads, snooping around, and adapting as it moves, to its new condition and dimension, by a trail left behind of its own own skin. With each step it will deposit a record of its plodding and experience of each meter of its journey.

Follow the trail, which who knows where it may end or how long it could last. A trail to everyone's liking.

 - La poesía como descubrimiento (only available in Spanish)



Mónica Gabriel y Galán IIIWS (3)
Mónica Gabriel y Galán IIIWS (2)
Mónica Gabriel y Galán IIIWS (1)
Mónica Gabriel y Galán IIIWS (4)
Mónica Gabriel y Galán IIIWS (5)

Natayana - Ana Pérez-Pereda,  Natalia Auffray (España)

A B R I GA rse en los lÍMITEs

A B R I GA rse en los lÍMITEs La lana, fibra natural, absorbe la humedad de la atmósfera en un 50%: se bebe y contiene el paisaje. A B R I GA rse en los lÍMITEs propone reutilizar la lana para construir tapiales de abrigo con marcos al campo que señalen y dirijan la mirada hacia cosas concretas , hacíendonos cómplices a través de las manos pensadas. Durante el proceso de esquila: - Registro de sonidos/imágenes del oficio y su arq u i t e c t u r a . - Recolecta de Palabras que nombran útiles, h e rramientas y jerga. - Geolocalización de los puntos card i n a l e s . - Transhumancia por el perímetro de la finca: re c o rrer los pasos del ganado, c a m i n a r- s e para reconocer y nombrar. - Preparación de la fibra, c a rd A N D O / h i l A N D O, para obtener fibras largas y finas. - Clasificación cromática de la lana para dife re n c i a r, p o s t e r i o r m e n t e, los tapiales del N o rt e, del Sur, del Este y del Oeste. D e s a rro l l o : E n t retejido de la lana con la valla para construir tapiales calientes, c o n t e n e d o res de marc o s , s e ñ a l a d o res del adentro / a f u e r a . Selección de audios, fotos y videos para editar un testimonio del hilar en el A rre c i a d o, diccionario antropológico de esquila. A B R I GA rse en los lÍMITEs de la lana virgen es un modo de acercarse al terr i t o r i o, adentrarse e incorporarse A L , CON y EN ÉL.

Ana Pérez Pereda

Natalia Auffray


 Osvaldo Giuliani (Argentina)


La palabra micorriza, de origen griego, define la simbiosis entre un hongo (mycos) y las raíces (rhizos) de una planta. Como en toda relación simbiótica, los participantes obtienen beneficio. En este caso la planta recibe del hongo principalmente nutrientes minerales y agua, y el hongo obtiene de la planta hidratos de carbono y vitaminas que él por sí mismo es incapaz de sintetizar mientras que ella lo puede hacer gracias a la fotosíntesis y otras reacciones internas.


Dicho esto, mi propuesta par el III Simposio Internacional de la Lana, es crear una estructura sutil entre encinas,  poder apreciar en superficie lo que se esta “tejido bajo la tierra” de esta manera se desvela un vinculo.

Osvaldo Giuliani

OTRAS-III Simposio de la Lana May 2014-2 (4)
Osvaldo Giuliani IIIWS (4)
Osvaldo Giuliani IIIWS
Osvaldo Giuliani IIIWS (5)
Osvaldo Giuliani IIIWS (2)



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