International Wool Symposium

2013 - 2nd edition

27 April - 1 May

Participating artists

Agnes Marton (Hungary)

Bob Budd (UK)

Josef Baier (Austria)

Legañas de Cocodrilo -Sofía Misma, José Díaz (Spain)

Nataly Maier (Germany)

Susan Williams (UK)


Agnes Marton (Hungary)

Woven Apart

In my highly visual, dreamlike poems I make invisible processes (changes of emotions, doubts and fears, inner fights) recognizable, while recreating the language playfully (using non-existent words, distortions, unusual punctuation and layout, mixtures of different languages, juxtaposition).

I talk about mysterious beings, snakes proud of their new skin, leopards lying in the middle of the canopy dreaming about their new territories… The word-sparing compositions are full of music, and they leave enough space for the imagination. They are never predictable, they keep surprising you, thought-provoking.

I also avoid routines when creating objects; I choose unorthodox usage of materials...Creating a yarn graffiti of two words of my poem Squid (the poem is to be published in the Santa Fe Literary Review in July). The two words are WOVEN APART – in the poem it is meant figuratively but here I would take it literally, weaving the body of the letters

Agnes Marton

Bob Budd (UK)

Sheep Shears

The idea is to produce a work which somehow makes sense, but is also illogical.


`Soft shears’ would be useless for shearing sheep. I have shown the `Sheep Shears’ as if they are about to cut a tree down, so there is a play on the idea of scale (the trees are like the sheep’s coat which covers the earth).

Fresia Puente (Spain)

Cuando pensé en una obra para el Arreciado, lo primero que me vino a la cabeza fue la noche que pasé al aire libre sobre una cama de paja en uno de los conciertos de Sol a Sol, también hice una asociación simple, cama, vellones, contar ovejas, …..  De ahí que al final decidí que tenía que hacer un espacio para el descanso, el sueño y la ilusión...


Esta obra es ideal para verla al atardecer, donde se va creando una atmósfera mágica que se potencia con los árboles-lámpara alrededor de la cama. A esta hora se acallan los sonidos y la luz disminuye, hora mágica, hora de encender velas y contar cuentos.

... felices sueños……

Fresia Puente  

Josef Baier (Austria​)


I will create the structure of a sphere – diameter 1,76 m (it is exactly my one size) – with 450 pieces of wood (20 to 24 cm length and 2 to 3 cm diameter) and pre-assembled corner-joints. I hope I can find and cut the wood-pieces in the forest near the farm.

The structure I will cover with wool. I want to place the sphere on the meadow of the sheep and I will enjoy, when the sheared sheep play with the sphere... I want to give the wool back to the sheep.

Legañas de Cocodrilo Sofía Misma y José Díaz (Spain)


Trabajo de investigación con voz y lana. Llevamos 6 meses explorando los cantos  armónicos (difónicos)  que llevan sus vibraciones a cada recoveco del interior del  cuerpo y se proyectan al exterior.


Para ello, experimentaremos con nuestros cantos en distintos lugares buscando espacios que permitan comprender las diferencias sonoras según las condiciones del entorno. 


Escucharemos el balar de las ovejas. La lana será un elemento muy interesante para modificar las condiciones acústicas. 

Nataly Maier (Germany)



I’ll let surprise myself by the situation, so I cannot really tell you what this, for me unknown material, will get me to do.... I  will work on a sketch book, doing drawings of the sharing process. I will do my color studies about the wool, the sheep, the difference between shaved and unshaved animals...

The last two years I am working on abstract landscape that have no shape or form but

catch the character of  a place only by their very own colors. For sure it is fantastic to observe the light for some days in the same place. By the intense observation of a new place, situation movement or color we fill up our emotional memory. The so called Amygdala is the place in the brain that is the origin of my artwork. Its like a treasure chest I want to divide with people by getting emotion across.

Susan Williams (UK)


I make installation exploring the intrinsic characteristics of everyday materials. My aim is to make what  is already there more visible, at times capturing what we don’t normally see, light, shadow, flatness, the potency of a colour. Illusions such as floating and evanescence reoccur in my work making links to magic and spirituality in its broadest sense. I am inspired by ordinary life and a need to give meaning to our lives. 

At the beginning I usually play with materials/ideas/themes and make several small quick experiments simultaneously….



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Video by Fresia Puente